Bed Head Pillow Cases
for the entire family!
One side of the pillowcase is a fun novelty
cotton print and the other side is a
warm absorbent terry cloth material to dry your
loved ones wet hair from a shower at bedtime.

Teachers Gift!
A Class Photo Fabric Box
filled with personal notes from the children.
Bride To Be!
A photo quilt from the bridesmaids
honoring the best of Girl's Night Out.
Baby On Board!
 Recycle a Bridesmaids dress into a
baby quilt for the newborn! Toooo cute!

Instead of a Guest Book,
have guests sign a square of fabric
or write a note.The squares can be made
into a quilt after the wedding...
so fun and a nice stretch from "regular." :)

Children's Artwork!
Grab your favorite 15 art pieces, and
take some photos. I can make you a
"masterpiece" photo quilt for your home!

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